Potential Implications

Other potential implications

This week, The Guardian wrote a piece on how Trump overturning a ban on Elephant trophy imports could actually effect the lives of rangers tasked with protecting these animals.

According to their research, more than 1,000 of these rangers have been killed attempting to protect endangered animals by poachers. By once again allowing US hunters to import elephant hunting trophies, these rangers will be even more at risk by poachers.

Furthermore, by making elephant trophy imports legal once again, you are openly allowing for the killing of an animal population at all all-time low. So low, in fact, that some analysts predict there may be no more wild elephants within the next 15 years. Take into account a recent study by the IFAW that states only 3% of hunting revenue actually goes to local communities and conservation.

So what’s next?

On Sunday, Trump gave the message that he was unlikely to overturn a ban on elephant trophy imports by tweeting he’d “be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal.”

The president hasn’t seemed to make wildlife conservation a priority thus far into his term, however he’s taking somewhat of an unprecedented step by putting a hold on a US agency decision that had gone through final publication on the Federal Register.

For now, it appears as though the ban on importing elephant hunting trophies will remain. Take a look at the article from The Suggestive for more information on this ban, and other important news taking place around the world.