The Best Suicide Bunny e-Juice Flavors

Flavors of e-Juice have evolved quickly since the advent of vaping. Though preferred flavors are a subjective matter, preference does not change the quality of the e-Juice itself. Born of a desire to improve upon the unpalatable e-Juice flavors available from other brands, Suicide Bunny’s main goal was to create e-Juice that would appeal to the masses while maintaining the integrity of the flavors.

Suicide Bunny became a high-quality producer of e-Juice with a rainbow of flavors to available to vapor enthusiasts. We have narrowed down the list of the top five flavors by Suicide Bunny. Each flavor has a distinct essence of its own, but retains the signature Suicide Bunny complexity and smoothness. Get all the flavors you need from Suicide Bunny at eJuice Farm.



Derailed is a throwback to Grandma’s kitchen as she’s baking cookies. This flavor smells like nostalgia and warmth. Derailed was created with scents of Snicker doodle cookies, cinnamon, and a touch of banana. The cookie and cinnamon flavorings can act as a dessert all on their own, but with the hint of banana, the flavor is slightly tempered with a bit of fruitiness. This fruitiness prevents the cookie flavor from becoming overwhelming.


Madrina is just one of a variety of Suicide Bunny e-Juices with a cream base. Madrina is a standout among this group with the addition of a melon flavor, making the e-Juice reminiscent of a Creamsicle. Vapors that prefer fruity tastes will enjoy this flavor. The cream adds a fullness and richness to the flavor that is often absent in straight fruit e-Juices.

Mothers Milk

Strawberries and cream are a classic dessert for a reason! Mothers Milk incorporates the Suicide Bunny cream base with the familiar taste of milk that dissolves into the sweet tang of strawberry. This e-Juice flavor is comforting, satisfying, and smooth. Mothers Milk is highly recommended for vape beginners, or vape enthusiasts who are picky when it comes to flavors. This flavor delivers exactly what it promises in its name.


The O.B.

One of the newest flavors by Suicide Bunny, The O.B. takes everything that makes Suicide Bunny unique and ramps it up. O.B., or Original Bunny begins with a cream base and builds layers of intense flavors on top of it. The result is an e-Juice that mimics the taste of a fully frosted cake. A cross between butterscotch and coconut, O.B. celebrates its flavors much as a birthday cake celebrates a new age.

Sucker Punch

If you were one of those kids that had a predilection for fruit punch, this e-Juice is right up your alley. Sucker Punch combines that special Suicide Bunny cream base with the tang of a blended fruit mix starring the dragon fruit. This e-Juice creates a vaping experience with a kick and a pleasant fruity experience that brings you back to childhood glasses of sweet fruit punch, and summers lazing about in the grass.

Personal Favorite

My personal favorite Suicide Bunny flavor is Mothers Milk. The flavor is addictive and I find myself craving that taste when I’m thinking about vaping. Short of eating a strawberry dessert fresh from the bakery, this flavor combination cannot be recreated. At least not by any other e-Juice, I’ve encountered. I take breaks from this flavor to enjoy other choices, but I always come back to Mothers Milk, which makes an odd sort of sense.